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The core of talent strategy of Guangde Dongfeng Electronics Co., Ltd. The essence of talent strategy: Talent is a strategic resource. The core of the talent strategy is to train people, attract people, use people, and discover people. Talent strategy is a reflection on the future, focusing on the role of talents in promoting sustainable development and long-term development of enterprises. Competition in the 21st century is ultimately about talent competition. Talent is the most valuable resource of Dongfeng and the greatest asset of the company. The establishment of a long-term talent strategy is the fundamental guarantee for the sustainable development of the company. Asset management in the traditional sense of Dongfeng has fallen to a secondary position, and the management of human capital is the most important corporate behavior. Like other capital elements, the main goal of talent capital management is to expand and increase value, introduce talents, and use talents as talent capital to increase corporate assets. The construction of talent team is an important force to promote independent innovation, scientific and technological progress and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Dongfeng is making every effort to build a high-level talent team with high quality, reasonable structure and sufficient quantity of skills, innovation and compound. The company adheres to the humanistic concept, creates a cultural atmosphere of mutual trust and mutual respect for the growth and progress of employees, provides more opportunities and space for employees' career planning, and creates necessary conditions for employees' technological innovation and management innovation. Recognize and reward employees with outstanding performance and outstanding contributions, and strive to achieve the simultaneous realization of employee value and corporate value, and the growth and mutual promotion of employees and enterprises. Dongfeng respects and protects the rights and interests of employees, actively and steadily promotes the reform and improvement of the salary, welfare and insurance systems, fully reflects the characteristics of the posts, reflects the value of the posts and highlights the work performance, and encourages high-level management, professional skills and key skills. In accordance with the overall requirements of the state to establish a multi-level social insurance system, we will actively improve various insurance systems, do all kinds of basic insurance, and safeguard the vital interests of employees. Standardize the management of labor and employment, strengthen the construction of first-line teams and standardize the management of employment, effectively regulate the total amount of labor, rationally allocate and use labor resources, and improve labor efficiency. Improve the salary and welfare policy, systematically evaluate and study the current salary and welfare system of the enterprise, and put forward suggestions for further improving the salary and welfare system, involving wages, allowances, subsidies, benefits and other aspects. Construction of a human resources management system. The establishment of this system is conducive to standardizing, integrating and integrating enterprise personnel data, and will play an effective role in optimizing human resource allocation, standardizing personnel management, improving personnel management efficiency, and strengthening staff training. Dongfeng attaches great importance to the training of talents, respects the objective laws of talent growth, and makes training the best welfare for employees, so that employees at different levels can find a suitable learning style.
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